Based in Denton, Manchester, Lost Heritage is a creative studio where we combine specialist services including letterpress printing, digital printing, die cutting, cnc routing and laser cutting. Passionate, enthusiastic and accomplished in our work we offer our services to anyone who feels that our services will enhance and endorse their work. With over 20 years of creative industry experience, you can be sure that you get the expertise and knowledge needed to create a high standard and quality in our work. We work closely with designers, design agencies, artists, typographers, photographers, wedding planners, prop designers, production companies and many more to bring initial concepts and sketches through to finished pieces.


If you have a project that you feel will be enhanced by our services get in touch. We can produce a wide range of products from your initial sketches or detailed plans, here are a list of some of the things we have already undertaken:

 Art Prints, Beer mats/coasters, Business cards, Stationery, Invitations, Leaflets, Packaging, Posters, Tags, Wedding stationery
Die Cutting, Packaging, Bespoke shapes, Letters, numbers, plaques, furniture, displays, Vinyl Lettering
Laser engraved artwork, plaques, prints, props, paper craft, Laser cut



Letterpress printing is at the heart of Lost Heritage. We feel it is simply the best way to get an impression on paper and feel very passionate about that.

Letterpress is one of the oldest forms of printing in existence. The original form was to set type into press press, ink it and press paper against it to form an impression. Letterpress printing has evolved now so that photopolymer plates can be used instead of type. At Lost Heritage we use both methods.

We print from supplied digital artwork from our customers which make the possibilities of letterpress printing endless. We also house a large number of traditional letterpress type in our studio including Gill sans, Times Roman, Garamond and Univers in a variety of different sizes.

Please contact us if you feel the embossed and tactile feel of letterpress will enhance your project.


Please be aware we can only work with the following files to produce plates for letterpress work.

.ai (illustrator files)



Minimum type size is 2pt in a times new roman or similar. Fonts obviously vary and some may not hold this size. You can tell by looking at a font, if its a bit thin at the smallest points it would probably be an issue. We are happy to give you advise on certain fonts if you contact us beforehand.

Minimum line size is 0.3pt for an isolated line.

We prefer receiving the files with crop marks/registration marks. They can allow us to make sure that at each press run the colours are accurately overlaid so that ghosting doesn't happen.

Also trim marks are a necessity. We prefer illustartor trim marks which can be found in menu under OBJECT-CREATE TRIM MARKS (CS5)  These have a default of 0.3pt which is the minimum that can be carried in an isolated line on a plate.


At lost Heritage we also offer a digital printing service using our high format printer which can be used to enhance our letterpress printing services or be used as a service individually. Digital printing is the process of transferring an image or document onto printing media such as paper or card. It is ideal for short turn around jobs, on demand printing and best used for projects with high amounts of detail.


LASER ENGRAVING                                                                                 Laser engraving essentially uses lasers to engrave or mark an object. It is the clearest and most precise way of marking items. We offer this service at Lost Heritage and can engrave on a wide selection of materials. This service can be used in conjunction with our many other services to gain the most from your project.
CNC ENGRAVING                                                                                         The definition of engraving is the act or art of cutting designs, inscriptions etc on any hard surface. We offer this facility using our CNC (computer numerical control) machine. We offer a wide selection of engraving on almost any material required. The computer can convert any design so just send us over the files and we can do the rest.

For file format we need the files that need to be laser engraved in .eps (illustrator) and as a fill where the engraving needs to take place.

For CNC we need the file as a .dxf


DIE CUTTING                                                   Diecutting is a method for cutting or punching out special shapes by using a metal form known as a die. Die cutting is a service that we offer which can be used individually or combined with our other services. In conjunction with our printing services we can offer a product that is unique and individual to our customers. So if you are an independent store, pub, bar, cafe, deli etc that can benefit from our die cutting service and want a truly unique product get in touch

CNC CUTTING                                                 CNC is also known as Computer Numerical control. The computer converts a design which is highly automated using CAD or CAM programmes. The program then produces a file which is loaded on to the CNC for production. Materials we can work with include wood, plastic, aluminium and many more - just enquire. Our standards are extremely high and we can cut any design needed. This service can be used individually or for an even better standard combined with our other services
LASER CUTTING                                               Laser cutting uses a laser to cut materials. It directs the output of high power laser by computer, leaving a high quality surface finish. Laser cutting is also offered as part of our cutting services. Whether you require a small cut or a finished product we can offer the service to complete this. Just send us over the files and let us know your job specifications and we can complete the finished article.

File format needed for laser cutting is .eps (illustrator) and the cut as a vector line

File format for CNC cutting is .dxf


PRINTING AND CUTTING                           Victory 825 Guillotine                               Heidelberg platen windmill 10 x 15                     Adana Letterpress                                           Large Format printer with 600dpi Resolution Cutting plotter                                           Laminator 1600

CUTTING AND ENGRAVING                            Laser Cutter + Engraver 1200mm x 900mm       4 axis CNC Router 1220mm x 2440mm

OTHER                                                              Interwood clamping press 2000 x 1000           Startrite Bandsaw,                                               Wadkin Table Saw                                         Wadkin 36" Disc Sander,                         Wadkin Profile Sander 




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